Little Whaler

[YogaLab] Little Whaler

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We call this the Anti Aging Apparatus (the ‘AAA’ with a triple A rating!) We all know how much computers have made our lives easier but it comes at a cost? The hunched over computer look. Teenagers looking like old men with collapsed spines. I have this great t shirt – it has 5 images across it starting with an ape, growing up into man standing upright and back down to man hunched over a computer – you guessed it – the ape and man hunch over the computer look the same. Have we really evolved? Is the slogan. So back to the mini whaler – the anti aging apparatus – for every hour you are hunched over a computer you need 5 minutes over the whaler to reverse the effects – forget micro pauses – this is a serious spinal compression preventative. If it looks slightly torturous then you know its going to be good! If you cant afford it get the company you work for to buy it for your work place. If your work place is at home then start saving! Remember it only works if you use it!



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